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Like most software, Order Current was born out of necessity.  While running her restaurant, Natalie, like all restauranteurs in 2020 – faced the global pandemic.  With Governments shutting down entire industries, she looked for a way to pivot her restaurant so that she could survive without the ability to have customers in her shop.

Know that the only way forward was to get her restaurant online, she started researching how to get her products online in a way that made sense to her and her business.   After researching solutions and coming up with undesirable options, she ended up having a long discussion with long-time friend and web-programmer Jason.

At first, the application that was created as a joint effort between Natalie and Jason was only meant for her restaurant, but as the pandemic raged on they both sensed that their solution was valuable not only to Natalie’s restaurant, but all restaurants.  This is when the real work began.

Order Current has the potential to help restaurants with simple ordering, and management features to allow restaurants to control their online sales in a way that makes sense.

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